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THAT WAS A HARDCORD GAME! great work why dont you make more games like this Llike it would be cool to see a parody done this way in gory way like you did !

oof tough game.. but it is pretty addicting and finding shot gun was cool only problem I had with it was direction . Like I got stuck on first map walking around it twice to find out it wanted me to go in car XD Keep making games though I am sure the more you make the better you will get ! I would love to see a game parody of left 4 dead or call of duty world at war zombie! or even cartoon network zombies! or adult swim!

cute game was gonna say probably better if you had more control of movement but then it would be to easy lol good work and medals are nice and shiney!

medals are nice the simple game place is nice this game is super nice! if you like jewel games you will like this one I would suggest make difficulty come up more or more groups . the medals look great! i could only play till 1500.

it took me all day to beat but i finally did it yes!! omg the upgades were not that great but did really like the no spam clicking cause it is safer for mouse I WANNA SEE you make another tycoon like this no spam clicking but more city or medieval like something more wow ! add more art into it I would suggest or can you do a cartoon parody tycoon ALOT of people would wanna play that and then using cartoon pics in medals people would want that too! for parody use its ok i think ?

first try i aimed for what i wanted 100 kills i got 102 ! nice game controls are smooth !Noww imma try to get three bugs in one shot .. My question is if the game is color ful how come medals are not carful too?

oof very challenging game! but the concept of it was great!

HealliesGames responds:

When I was trying it, thought it was even too easy haha!
I appreciate it, thank you. :)

this was a amazing game like part 1 and 2 ! Will you be making alot more parts to this series? My favorite part was the witch doctor when he got his skulls back or when death got his syfe back with his red eye! This is a must played game ! The medals look great in collection too!

nice game i played till i got the 12 battery spinner ! only thing I would suggest is maybe make the more expensive spinner give you more score? That is reason why I quit I thought higher the spinner faster the points! but the medals look great!

Artur-Felipe responds:

Thanks for the idea, projects coming soon.

Wow that is harder than simon says times by 40 lol great game idea though the medal art could use work though like it does not make me wanna keep playing to try to achieve them just FYI for your next game

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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