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I saw space invaders might be in here and got excited but then when I try game all I see is a white screen at start and nothing more .. where is the games is this broken?

I dont think this game is such a good game I think you can do alot better with the animations and graphics also I keep glitching out of map and falling for ever so theres that! you should try alot harder! is my suggestion !

Wow I would not play this game if your a newcomer here its not really that good and easy to beat if there was medals than I would say this is a great game but seance there is none yeah this is pretty easy and lame should be on a kids site lol just my suggestion is add some medals !! if your gonna make super easy games!

scpgames responds:

Wow. Someone's drinking a lot of haterade. Don't feed the trolls.

Score 215 great job the clicking needs to be a bit smoother would like to play more games like this and great medal collecting game here!

hosani69 responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Awesome!

It was pretty fun but got realy hard on level 3 I think it got to difficulty to quick

movements are pretty slow it got boring for me after I scored 20,000 and could not continue

That was really awesom emy favorite was the news helicopter medal the games movements are really smooth and no delay at all great work with explosions too! ending is real awesome to see!

Wiesi responds:

Thank you for playing AND reviewing! :)

This game was really fun to play and awesome medals too ! please make more medal collecting game would you ever do a parody of cartoon game for cartoon medals?! :O

the game is pretty fun ! I enjoyed it I think should of been some upgrades for a full 5 stars though

Did not understand how to play thoug..

ADR3-N responds:

I have actually been considering deleting this. I was like ... 12

Also wow, you're fast!

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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