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DAng I was so close twice to getting the jack pot really fun game keep up the great work I would suggest a multiplayer game with new grounds poker styled cards lol jk I know that it a bit to much for newgrounds multiplayer games.

Most the time game would not put the power ups out then I leveled up the destroy all fire perk twice and never seen it and I played like 15 mins.. and i leveled up the fire perk first never saw it though sadly.. Game is fun to waste time with but it gets really difficult at start I think it should be a bit easier the way they bounce around at start so soon that should be held back some but the grouping should not

I really do like this its cool and a good idea to use freddy vs jason for jasons I think haveing chucky quotes would of been great for this one too! Keep up the awesome work !

OK the controls are hard to get used to but if you drag from middle of screen it works I think this owuld be a great mobile game but with small level size it is not good for pc atleast for me I would of liked a bigger screen. Giveing up for 20 Secs I got 17 kills take that them flying cock suckers !

Nice fun game worked awesome no glitching at all and really fun tower defence game play the music was great too

DAng really fun game great story and cool adges but it gets tough at level 4 or 5 I could not pass it

I would love to see a updated version of this game it was really fun to play

Nice fun simple game loved the aimer it helped out a bunch!

DAng really fun game but audio got annoying really quick and level 4 was so hard ot beat I could not do it needs more health drops I think but it was really fun I hope you make more games like this a moving background or animated charecters would be cool or even like cartons from adult swim parody themed would be great!

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I think I'll reupload it and give you an option to cancel out the Audio Speeches, I'll add some more health kits to give a fair chance at completion. Should be done with it by today so check back later on.

NO WAY GETTING 100 points is easy the highest i can get is 25 its funny at first when i was dying alot and finding out what I could skate on and what i could not the squiles did not kill me infact i hit one and did not do nothing I finally realize where all spots I can jumpTHEN the squillers and birds start to kill me re rentless lol

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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