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It was reallly fun I made it to tank and died then I respawned at level 1 again and could not atk that time please fix this cool game and good looking medals

Newshield responds:

Planning on reuploading an update, I don't understand why you couldn't attack after you died. It always works fine before I upload it. Anyhow, I'll test it and it and then reload it hopefully, it'll be fixed.

NIce game the talk options are fun to choose from and game was super hot keep up the great work!

Ehhh I think game could of been better f there was a way to make money faster other than clicking away. And the candy upgrades dont help that much eaither. Medals look nice though and 4 are really easy to get i bought up to the ghost and got tired of clicking lol.

So much interactive things and so many diffrent ways to die this game was pretty good keep up the great work! audio with game was great too!

This was a pretty cool story ! keep it up I liked the dialog to it to and art work !

Nice time consuming game I got stuck on level 4 it felt like I had th eblack hole smaller than the earth but it still was too late I love this fun simple game and did not realize you had to beat it fast untill wave 3 when i saw it coming it right at end lol Good game please create more! Can you make good space shooter games?

Got defeated at level 6 ill come back later to finish awesome game great graphics fun controls and some really cool looking medals keep up the great work!

Woah the game started way to fast I think it would be nice to have a menu to start or a reset key had to collapse game and reopen to try also you should try to find a way to make sure key board spammers looses points little bit if spamming keys and slow it down just a bit

My score : 2,750

Wow that was surprisingly fun I upgraded every tool to lvl 4 i was not aspecting that to be max but where are the enimeies at it would be awesome to see this game with more levels more women rocks and few enimes and badges I bet you can make the neatest looking badges for this game!

Dezue responds:

Heyho, RedeyestheSecound!
Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it! My next games will have more content again, and maybe I'll make something more out of Piguin as well - no promises, but not impossible either.
Enjoy your day and stay funky,

I wish there was more level lol that was pretty fun even for one click then a lie lol i press keys but could not restart after I won lol nice job those you should make a story mode with this it would be great!

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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