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1) 3:28
60 kills
2) 5:23
109 kills (bs they both died at same time even though other guy had full health decided to run into a group when i went down with low health guy so alway hold your high health in high round) lol

This was a really fun game it would be cool to see a story mode with more maps to it or the computer fixed up a bit some times they did not change weapon with empty gun. or maybe they can throw a blunt object if a gun is down near by them? A charecter selection would be soo cool too ! If you can make all those changes man and one more multiplayer survival mode :3 Then it would be the best madness game out in the internet!
Good luck keep making great games please!
This was so fun to play !

Wow amazing game but I wish the controls felt a little bit more comftorable some times it feels hard to jump back up to the other plat form or aim guns you think you can add mouse with this aiming situation at least IDk the more you play better you get but its also hard to see enemies missles and that gets me alot from those big green ships my highes is 470 sadly cause im a space invaders fan and loved the idea to this game and how medals looked but wished it was easier to play .

UltimoGames responds:

You can play the game with a controller on Steam, and it is much better there! (and you help me if you buy it for a couple of bucks) https://store.steampowered.com/app/1071920/_Foreign_Frugglers/
Thanks for the review!

Nice work this is a cool game I wish there was a option to rip shorts though hahaha

That was really cool I love the idea of them flashing blue at end that was very smart 100/100

Neat game and loved how the medals were not to hard to get and art work of them 100/100

WOO I got the first taco ever! Nice game lol it was really fun and badges looks really nice these kind of games you make are really great you should do horror movie one or night mare based one like this or some kinda horror like same game formate but difrent skins

tough game seems like you need more time atleast couple more days lol buut fun to play you should make a newer version of this

Awesome work art style was amazing !! and loved them face expressions!

CAnt get the game to start sadl y

The face emotions were awesome and art style was great nice work !

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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