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THIS WAS A GREAT game not to hard keep making more games please I liked this game I would suggest make a escape from cult ! that would be cool to play and cool looking medals you can make for it !

oof that was to tough for me and nice life system though still controls were to sensitive for me (I have no speed run ability people)

awesome game lol took me a while to realize i could move the giant ship to get farther i only can beat half the came the big ship moves to slow and upgrades i really wish they were there i dont like how you have it there to say max and still to collect shards.
(liked game with lots of stars cause I wanted it in my play list rage quit games lol so i can make my friends play and try out)

BASSAM18 responds:

thank you , you make me happy that you liked the game .
yeah there are lots of people who didn't like the upgrade thing so am changing and adding more into it now.
thanks for your comment redeyes , :)

its like landing the plane int he NES game Top Gun very frustrating and time consuming

changing rate nice art work awesome medal icons what else do you need oh yeah and the game play is fun so there you go!

So I could pop every ballon i clicked IDK what @yologamerXX
is talking about but any ways I like the game it does get boring quick but it makes me wanna play guitar hero a way you can improve this game is make a number two and instead of click use keyboard and add music and make castle (rep newground) or any thing to defend against ballons and you can make it horzion line of keys then hit on timing or vertical hit key when you see ballon in its lane PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE AND MAKE THIS GREAT GAME IF YOU DO ILL GIVE YOU MORE GREAT IDEAS K

GhostDataMedia responds:

Thanks for the honest review, as for making a sequel, no thanks. I like your idea but we're done making casual style games. We are moving on to making more ambitious games in the future and I hope you play and enjoy them!

i re launched it three times but could not get it to work! :/

great game please make more ! the game play was smooth !

Shamahan responds:

Thanks! I am definitely planning on making more, just have to fix this one first!

this game is pretty good I just suggest add more upgrades or medals and maybe a coin system for upgrades and outfits for little guys and maybe they can drop bags of cash or new items over time?

I love this game lol i clicked it cause of the cool name thinking it was gonna be dating simulator cause of genre and found this cool ! cute character and animations are really hot please keep up the great work!

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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