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I love this game lol i clicked it cause of the cool name thinking it was gonna be dating simulator cause of genre and found this cool ! cute character and animations are really hot please keep up the great work!

the map was a awesome idea really helpful for me! and this game was so much fun loved all the task! YAY I WAS ABLE TO FIND MY GIRLFRIEND IN LIK 20 MINS LOL HONESTLY though if it was real life.. nah im not no ghost buster... lol great game very fun the task were not to hard AND THE SHOP OWNER next escape game you make PLEASE PLEASE bring that shop owner back ! he was most cool part the teleportation helped ALOT!!!!

cool leader board game ! hehe i love it but the aiming is so hard I think a red lazer would help out alot ! and more people would give 5 stars if the aiming was easier also upgradeing would be cool like you can make this game into a really great game with a few changes1 keep making the porn games though I love them even though I lost ... the game over title is so hot I dont mind loosing lol! btw I could only get 4 hearts sadly

this is a amazing addicting fun game! please make more like it and medals were fun to get too i died with high score on endless 18k and thats with beating all 5 bosses lol I am not sure i can get medal for 25k on endless
unless i fully upgrade

I LOVE THIS GAME SERIES! keep up the great work please keep making more games and medals i love the medals arts great to have in collection!

oof the lag is real its nice when you test drive and selecting all the options for weapons! but when you start a game it gets super laggy real bummer cause I wanted to get those medals!

that was a really good game butI would suggest you play gold minner the first one it has same score survival method and add small shop and keep score add more maps and boom this game could be best of 2019 if you made it more like gold miner cause its already super fun just needs finishing touches !

lol what was the point of it its cool till you get caught instantly.. lol

Booanimation responds:

It's actually very simple once you figure out the enemies pattern.

yay i won 10-2 but why is it pong 2 if it feels like pong ..

when you atap missile it turns car it seems like a really fun game but i dont have touch screen and missile fire button is broken..

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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