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that is pretty great I jsut was hoping to put slime on things to watch it slowly drip off I think that is more fun part with me for slime! lol if you had that I would say you should add a face of a girl or boy cry while you smack or let slime drip down there face :3 the newgrounds users would LOVE LOVEEE that game!

good stress reliving game but I think you should add scaore for distance and if you can I would suggest change the trees to cartoons and keep rocks and give runner gun he can shoot straight with to kill the cartoons people on new grounds would love LOVE THAT great parodys make it far ! if you do this add me and ill follow you and add you back

Coolcreation201YT responds:

Thankyou for the review!

its a cool game untill i got stuck listening to tape could not back out of it..

LOL love this joke game only can survive 3 days cause your gonan die or get fired lol great game

I think game would be better if you can use arrows to go up or down instead of clicking for one directions and slow movement the graphics on when car breaks could use work to maybe add flames and burning plastic around tear

great simple game pretty addicting to fun fun fun!

great game idea but wall jump challange at start is way to hard :(! after jumping off the stone wall not enough space in jump to make it across!

way to fast and cant change pongs like shown in thumb nail!

ughh I pick up tolite paper AND NOTHING TO WIPE ! :/

"tokpey fell out of a plane. all the trainers could not put tokpey together again " lol great musi I just wish there was more options to choose from I finished all option and the song just started

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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