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haha I love the part with teh spear and teh bunny I was saying it out loud as watching then BAM hobo... lmaooo great idea love the randomness in this!

Cyberdevil responds:

Hey everybody voted for that one! :D There was actually a CFC#2 in the works too, not sure what happened to that...

wow I was hoping that song wa longer but great animation with the "and I make a mess" lol but the hairy chest brought up memories of Austin powers which was not very fond to think about lol

Cyberdevil responds:

Gotta rewatch that some time. XD Classic. Thanks for the comments!

Oh great work! I ussually hate loops but this is good enough for Adult Swim!! <3 <3 <3

produde123 responds:

wow thanks a lot!

Wow sounds just like goku !

Zytes responds:

yea thats the point lol !

damn good work I love that it has a skip option too the animation could be a bit more faster though I think I love the idea of this toon though!

BatouWH responds:

Thank you! See the continuation!

ehh yeah your a really good editor and artist but I dont feel like this should be a movie maybe if it was educational teaching people about the detail and shading then I would of gave more stars.

EroGakaTeam responds:

That's not a movie (: The title says : BoobJay Girl SpeedPaint TEASER , so...
and Speedpaints aren't made to be educational ^~^


Way too short for my liking and who was she collabed with any ways was that the mayor from the power puff girls?!

JDahlbender responds:

Nope. Kaz. And you do realize it's just a clip.

The real only comedy I find funny in this is dexters enemy saying "Im gonna bang your sister than Im gonna bang your mother "

TheToonTwinzShow responds:

Thanks for that, even though this is entirely a comedy but still much respect fam!

DAMN This looks intense and something I would wanna watch awesome trailer! But where are human voices?

TheToonTwinzShow responds:

Thanks much!!! We do have the voice overs for the humans but we chose not to animate that as yet.. We are currently working on an animated short film for an animation festival so we have to put this on pause

That was pretty good I would of gave it 5 to see side view for blast I was expecting to see the stream when you do it dont forget to add little white lines to motion the intensity ! Your really good though

Zytes responds:

well i actually though of that, but im saving it for for when i make a project with this in it and make a wideshot with the kamehameha going towards goku's opponent to make it look really cool

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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