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haaha playing the game of this on here was pretty lame but the movie makes up for it so much great work!!

PoliuxDimension responds:

Thanks man.

ehhh could be longer than just one loop why no switch position for the three? to lazy?

d-z responds:

No, I'm the opposite of lazy, man: I juggle too much. My friend told me I shouldn't be too ambitious and just take my time on little stuff rather than attempt building a one man epic and make animated loops on the side to get by. I'm just happy to work! :-)

great this is funny if you know who has red pants

willg8686 responds:

Jesta Thats Right

for the 5 stars can you explain what a cuck is? lol why did dad stand there i thought he was gonna kill the boy and blame it on jamal and kill him and the wife kidnap her throw her in a trunk and drive her off a bridge i guess i been listening to to much rap music lmao

meatcanyon responds:

The boi has the cuck gene...it was only a matter of time:( and a cuck is when a husband gets off watching his wife get plowed by another man.

Nice hat a twist with that like button literally ! but i wish it was a bit longer

Arezki responds:

thanks, yeah i just started with animation so it takes me lots of time, i'll try to make longer animation from now on :3

good TUNNNEEEE but i click the video so fast cause of cover art i thought it was title midnight virus then i got to read it going lol great video man rock out !

FLWR responds:

lol thank you dude :D

the animation was not all that great but this video sure has a good message to it!

AnimatedStruggle responds:

Thank you! The message is the main thing I aim for with these. But I also want the animation to please. I'll go forward with more frame work.

Not bad dude!

bwilk89 responds:

Thanks brotha! :)

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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