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Game looks ok not sure if im hooked enough to play it though But love the attacks wish I could of seen some attacks from the bad guys

LordBlueRouge responds:

Thanks man! I hear ya.

Rpgmaker games are hard to make, but also really hard to shoot - anything cool looking is ultimately held back by the engine. I'll see if I can step it up a bit though.

Thanks again man!

So did you realize how in king of the hill alot of episodes look down on god I thought thats messed up about that show But i still love the show soo I just ignore it

SevenSaysNoToDrugs responds:

Yeah it's just a parody

the killing scenes could of been better :/

SevenSaysNoToDrugs responds:

Complain to Michael Bay

I would of gave more stars for better back ground ..

MrShoeShine7 responds:

very true, next animation will be a bit better at that ^^

It was really hard to understnad homer.. fo rme

Carmet responds:

Yeah, I'm not a native English speaker and it was really hard to pronounce anything while I was doing the voice for homer...

So am I messed up if I feel this way at times? .... lol great video man so trippy im watching drunk and feel high great work ! :D

FlowDownStream responds:

Thanks so much, real glad you enjoyed it! Stay wavy :)

this is great!

Zs-Animations responds:

Thank you:D I will make more episode :D :D

not even one power move.. or fight hmm?

Zytes responds:

Well the title was transformations, but you can watch my other animations for fight scenes.

woah verry psychedelic this is great with my top shelf weed hell yeah im zoning out here lol!! <3 <3

PoliuxDimension responds:

Thank you.

haaha playing the game of this on here was pretty lame but the movie makes up for it so much great work!!

PoliuxDimension responds:

Thanks man.

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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