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Dang this is really good the animations was smooth and the idea of the intensity of it is great too whats funny is my favorite part was the tetris at the end made me think of the background sand song great work with sword too !

NeonTRC250 responds:

Thanks for the review and comment!

the only part I really like about this is the red eyes at the end but what I dont like is what is this supposed to mean?! its hard to understand any of it and if its gonna be a teaser than I think you should of made it more understandable

Gaussamer-BTD responds:

Thanks for watching! And The fact that you asked what it is supposed to mean means it worked! Does that make me pretentious? Probably! I intend to let people to decide for themselves what my little series means to them. Just dark fluff with no real meaning? Sure why not? Something deeper? That works too.

Also confession time. The "Teaser" was a test video I made with the sketchy medium and I figured I should put it to some use. So I used it first to pass around to my friends and family to get them excited for my series as a whole while I was working on the first episode.

Again thanks so much for watching!

you better not be dying this is first episode I seen and loved it cause it was really funny the animation was not that great but the jokes were so damn awkward they were funny!!

Willowsworld responds:

thank you for enjoying it! this isn't really an episode as more of a random thing, i'm going to be working on my animation skillz tho. and I hope I won't be dying either lol

great work !! always have to love the barely legal stuff makes it 10 times naughtier lol

HighwayToTartarus responds:


Wow that was really good and funny ! I see you put alot of hard work into it and Trust me it paid off ! keep up the great videos!!

Zs-Animations responds:

Thank You very much :D:D:D

Oh wow so many good animations in this collab! great work to all of you!

FlowDownStream responds:

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked it!

Omg that deserves to be in monthly vote good work next time something this freaky needs to be longer!

FlumpyTripod responds:

Thank you. Maybe something I make in the future will be longer and freakier. We'll see.

I want madness to take robo day too I shall help !

SansMLG responds:

search in youtube this name:Napstapro 115 the search in his channel how to animate madness combat in android

good job !!

AshisAnimation responds:

Thanks man

WOOO Minty fresh thoughts rules!!!
great work on video and music !!
<3 <3<3

MintyFreshThoughts responds:

Thank you!

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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