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might not be madness character but still has the madness action we all grown to love nice work! the music is really sweet too! oh shoot nvm madness in the sticks fight awesome idea!!

davidpuralocura responds:

yeah i actually dont know how to make a real madness animation
maybe i should make a real one some day

davidpuralocura did really good the idea was awesome lol and super funny I loved that when the block turned into a monster and kicked mario like a footbal lol !

davidpuralocura responds:

thank you it was my first sprite animation

HAHAH the idea is really good lol I can rewatch this a couple times and still be entertained nice work and the movement animations were not that bad either!

davidpuralocura responds:

yeah i love loop animations
they are really fun to watch

wow for your first video that was awesome!!! great work on the action and music and the blood was really cool too!

davidpuralocura responds:

yeah i love this one
the first time it got baned
untill i made some modifications

need come scene but great work story is cool its hard to read the text though

Innocentanimation responds:

If Patrons ask for a scene of cum sure. We feel it over the text, we overdo it to try to represent the sound.

lol what the heck.. this is kinda weird what is the species any ways?

ShadikBitardik responds:

Its King Thorax from MLP
in fact, I didn't even know what it was when I painted it. (it was a Commission, I was just given an image and said "draw")

ehh why is the peeing jelly like..

Anti-Zero responds:

That's not pee that's just thick and sticky cum haha. I'm using the male cum emitter here but when I make the female one it'll be less thick.

really nice trailer but dont you think it is kinda too climatic for a side scroll game ? and where is game play ?

Alucard responds:

Hey! Thank you so much for your review!
I tried to do a survival horror game in 2d, so my friends here in the neighborhood have played and they got scared, it is fun to watch!
Maybe you would want something more simplistic to roll as 2d game, right?
When I started the project I had these big dreams of constructing a thrilling storytelling, so I get what you mean, its just that I did put a lot of effort in it to make it look like graphically the best possible!
Almost all the trailer is the actual gameplay :D

Wsh there was more pistons !

FleppyFlepster responds:

Yeah I didnt even draw 1 piston.

This was super awesome the face expressions were real amazing and nice that there was "enough" slide haha please make more like this parody loved how you made a chick bowser or something

svsgaussianfracture responds:

Glad you like it :)

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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