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I put this is the monthly voting cause the animations are really cool and colors are great and the audio is really awesome too!

SpencerXavier responds:

ah thank you :)

This was really good great video and music is really awesome to is it original music? My favorite part was bowser and I wish it was longer!

PhilipSMBR responds:

Thank you so much! And to anwser your questions:
This is an ending animation to a upcoming sprite series I'm making. The song used is called Re: Re: (originally used in the opening of the anime Erased).
If you like this video consider following me, as I'm going to upload many more like these!

this is pretty hot I think you could of done better detail on body parts though I think the pokemon should of been dripping during these whole process if she was really that ready to train lol

CumminHam responds:

Yeah liquids in general are a bitch to do in 3d...

But i will try to find workarounds for the future.

I think you should try harder on your movement to animations and better back grounds would be cool story and your thoughs are great though rape is cool too

NotTheRightOne responds:

Ok i will try (:

This is not really worth watching not to be mean but it does not even show you how to make this cool looking character sorry

MyFingerSlip responds:

Sorry man it was for a competition, it was to prove I made the drawing

Nice intense feeling the animation has I wish it was longer though why are you makeing shorts of this fight and why not make whole fight together?

pushpendrasingh2719 responds:

these are my practice for learning principals of animation.

I wish this was longer featuring all three on one! This looks so real great work

pushpendrasingh2719 responds:

Sooner I will be coming with original content. stay tuned

Hahahhah this is really funny and I hope to see this as a series ! Just like a storm blowing over

NotTheRightOne responds:

Will do (: !

Ehhh not sure how this fits as action maybe spam but not action... Also this is pretty lame in my opinion

Zytes responds:

lol ok man i was bored 1 hour and havent uploaded in a while so my bad

OMG this series is awesome please make more to this series and take down all cartoons !! LOve this parody idea and the animations are great too

toonjunkiez responds:

We are considering it. Just gotta crack the whip on our director/writer

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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