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I think you can do alot better than this the gore is pretty weak and I enjoy gore scenes and seeing this is like looking at a death scene from classic nintendo . Maybe if you keep pr-acting and posting more you will get alot better sorry not sorry just hoping you do better in the future!

scpgames responds:

Dude... and you told ME to chill out (despite the fact I was and still am totally calm) and now you're just going around giving the rest of my stuff zero stars?

Maybe you should take a break from the internet.

PS: I made this particular cartoon 11 years ago so ... yeah ... not that invested.

I think you can do alot better than this it was not even that funny or funny at all to me sorry to say but the idea is really good please keep trying and break 4th wall alot less

scpgames responds:

YOU: "Please make this cartoon more like one I would like and do things I want to do."

ME: "No."

such a great intro to this.. ehh please use better audio and come up with better scripts the animation is ok but audio is pretty bad if you need voice actor I can help

WhiteBaron2018 responds:

Thanks! I may well keep in mind.

Bear in mind this is from nearly a year ago, things have improved massively since then.

Watch this space.

Wow this is really good stuff please keep up the good work and please let me help you with a horror series I am sure you can make best horror animations! October is coming soon think about it the animations and audio in this video is awesome!!

DarkProjectWorks responds:

I'd love to, but this project will be taking up pretty much all my time until the end of next year.

the creepyness is cool! I think you can do alot better with alot more practice though your ideas are awesome though keep trying!

omithealien responds:

Oh yeah. Thanks.

good animations with a great story I think if you keep making cartoons you will become a lot better! so please keep up the awesome work

KelthorPower responds:

Thanks man! There's a lot to improve on, but hopefully I'll get a bit better with every one of 'em. I appreciate the encouragement.

this was not so funny I think you should make a actoin or advendture cartoon cause the comedy does not feel like its there

colmendean123 responds:

The mario and luigi on drugs joke has been done a thousand times I just had the idea of them being stopped by airport security and really didn't know where to go with it

this is a really great parody super funny too great work!!

ndepent responds:

thank you

Lol that was pretty funny I would like to see you create more cartoons and art so you can become better with animations !

Duckbill responds:

TY thanks for the support

This was pretty bad it was not even funny to me I think if you would of made it creepy it would have better views trust me! creepy "off the air" like animation

Jokerkills79 responds:

Its suppost to be bad and its a comedy not a horror film for crying out loud man. : /

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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