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haha he asked the wrong guy I was hoping to hear a ghetto story about the black guys scars great video real funny too

AndroFlashAnimation responds:

Those are actually tattoos not scars. I was thinking about adding some more to it but it took me longer than normal to make this flash and near the end I just wanted to finish it haha.

Idea is really great but the animation could use work I think you can make alot more better cartoons!

BsCassell responds:

Thx for the feedback like i said it's really not the best, and that it would be an improvement the next time!!

very awesome video ! I think you did great on animation no worries and 3D effects were awesome

ofeloque responds:

Thanks! I never imagined that someone would rate it that way! I also have a YouTube channel, stop by if you want!


nice challenge idea and really funny video!!

Jagmohan responds:

thanks a lot

great animations with movement real smooth

ZabuJard responds:


nice classic three hit kill on boss I think it could of been better if more blocks were smashed by monster boss

Vyacheslav-Freeze responds:

Good. I will keep in mind when creating the following animations.

Хорошо. Буду иметь в виду при создании следующих анимаций.

lol this is really funny needs more movement maybe mowing the lawn?

Magnificent-Contrapt responds:

Thank you! In glad you liked it. Their lawn does look terrible.

thanks for translation of English and cool story!

Vyacheslav-Freeze responds:

Please, but I'm not sure this is the right translation. :D

Пожалуйста, но я не уверен, что это полностью правильный перевод. :D

woww this movie makes me cry my eye sockets inside out great work breavo 10/10 smooth animation funny drama action horror and I can eat popcorn to it.

Eno-Spi responds:

I dunno what that means, but okay!

nice job .. is this hell or something lol great animation and great description really helps the viewer

u-m-a-m-i responds:

Thank you!

Im not happy unless I make other happy.. thanks for your time! :D

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